Le long du quai

Le long du quai was born from the reunion of a great friendship and the love of beautiful music ; music which speaks to us and moves us, music brought from the heart to the heart.

Amazed that several of the most beautiful mélodies from French repertoire were composed using poems by Sully Prudhomme, we wanted to learn more about this famous stranger and winner of the first Nobel Prize in Literature. We encountered a poet and philosopher with a moving idealism, who was often melancholic. Prudhomme was a well-known Académicien in France in his time and one of the first instigators of the Parnasse movement. His texts were used by the greatest composers. As a result, we discovered and rediscovered a whole bunch of inspiring mélodies composed by Fauré and Duparc, but also mélodies by less famous, but just as interesting composers, such as Dubois, Franck, Widor, or Enesco…

We had made our decision : our very first CD together would be a 100% Sully Prudhomme one!

In order to reach our goal to give Sully Prudhomme back the recognition we think he deserves, we got in touch with the French composer and orchestrator Matthieu Roy. Truly inspired by the precise, almost scientific depiction of some of the poems, Matthieu composed for our duo a cycle of mélodies that has a variety of mineral colours. On one hand, these pieces follow the french tradition of French composers before him, a tradition we appreciate so much, but they also bring to our program a great freshness and a brand new eye on the poems.

From there the project kept on growing : we invited our beloved friend Alessandro Gianvenutti, great Italian designer to join us in this adventure. Gifted with a visionary point of view, he brings to our sound world a visual inspiration which mirrors every poem. We imagined the CD as an object itself that would become a piece of art, as we believe CD’s still have a great future.

The recording session will happen in Rome next winter. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the great acoustic qualites of Abbey Rocky Studio, and the most sumptuous Fazzioli piano our pianist could ever dream of. We are proud to announce that a record label will then produce and release our work. But the details are still to be kept secret ...

Of course, we only told you about the most visible elements of our project. Behind the scenes, we are very lucky to be surrounded by amazing and talented friends, who help us correct, translate, and assist us in reaching our goal.


And last but not least, you. This is your moment under the spotlight.

In order to make this amazing project come true, good will and hard work will not be enough : we need your help. Every single contribution, even the most humble ones will be precious and crucial for us. Your contributions will allow us not only to finance this CD, but more importantly to pay appropriately every member of the project.

In truth, we first met with a champagne glass in one hand and the other on a piano, rehearsing casually a few hours before a beloved friend's wedding. Something beautiful and natural was born spontaneously, and we decided to continue working together, benefiting from this first and festive collaboration. A few years and concerts later, we are happy to come together again in order to prepare for this exciting project.










Passionate artist, Justine is a pianist not to miss. Bright, curious and light-hearted, she shines in solo repertoire as much as in chamber music. She teaches in University of Arts, Berlin. Playing Lied and mélodie are her most familiar occupation. Dedicated to the future, she thrives in contemporary creation. You will meet her everywhere in Europe : Berlin, Lyon, Heidelberg, Milan or Bern.



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Pack Duparc

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You receive The CD at home, wherever you live !

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You receive two CDs at home, perfect to offer one of them

Pack Franck

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You receive two CDs, one of them signed, und the printing of a visual card specially made by our designer. Lucky you !

Pack Hahn

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You receive the CD at home, and choose with whom you want to have a private lesson (Vocal with Marie-Pierre in Rome or Vienna, or piano with Justine in Berlin, also possible online if you don't live in one of these cities)

Pack Roy

from 300€

You receive the CD at home, and an invitation to attend our very last rehearsals before recording in studio ! Either in Berlin, or in Rome.

Pack Widor

from 1.000€

we organise a private one hour recital, followed by a discussion with the guests

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